Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Maybe We Could Monogram That Cereal Box

For those that do not know, monogramming is big in our home. My wife monograms everything. When my wife buys a new pillow for our kid’s room, she monograms it. If she buys a new backpack, she decides it needs our kid’s initials on it. She can find a pillow relatively cheap, say $5, but turn it into a $20 purchase because of monogramming. I am just waiting to come home and find my 3 year olds forehead monogrammed with his initials on it. Most people have yard sales or go to Salvation Army as their kids outgrow all of their belongings. Not us. It wouldn’t make sense to. Nobody would want our shit because it is monogrammed. So, to all you family members and friends who read this blog, don’t expect hand-me-downs from our family unless you decide to name your kids with the exact name/initials as our kids. I came to the realization that my wife must have a recurring nightmare/dream that angry clowns break into our house while we are sleeping and take everything in our house that doesn’t have our name on it. That sounds scary and I do not like clowns at all. But, rest assured, the clowns would not stay long and would not take much, thanks to my wife and her love of monogramming.