Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Randoms

Being a father of one kid and a kid on the way, I don’t get to drink that often. Well, I guess I could, but I choose not to. The good news is that my liver is almost completely healed from the college years. The bad news is that I still drink ever so often. This past Saturday night was one of those ridiculous nights. I learned/confirmed/remembered several things about myself and drinking.

1) I am 30 years old and my body gets pissed more easily

2) I do not have the tolerance that I used to.

3) I still drink like my tolerance is high.

4) I never want to drink again. (I say this everytime I drink now)

5) I should have gotten my ass kicked a lot more than I did in my younger years.

6) My wife hates me.

7) There is no worse feeling than waking up and realizing you don’t remember half of the night (Much better when you are married, at least you know you didn’t sleep with a fat chick)

8) Drinking is expensive

It’s a good thing I got the drinking night out of the way as my wife found out the cervix is effaced, the baby is in position, and my wife is 1 cm dilated. That’s right. It’s game time folks.

No commentary here. I have nothing.

Forgot to wear sunscreen at the soccer match this weekend. My forehead feels like this lady looks.