Thursday, April 10, 2008

You Tubin'

Since I am on a YouTube roll today......I have to post this one. It is the first 6 minutes or so of my favorite movie of all time, Jesco White - Dancing Outlaw, directed by Jacob Young. If you don't do anything else this week, watch this video in its entirety. You truly have not lived until you have seen this movie. It is a documentary that originally aired on PBS and has since turned into a cult classic. It is priceless and leaves you wanting more. Good news, there is more. As the popularity of Dancing Outlaw grew, Jesco was asked by comedian Tom Arnold to perform on the television show Roseanne. He traveled to Los Angeles for the performance, which was chronicled in the 1994 short film Dancing Outlaw 2: Jesco Goes To Hollywood - also directed by Jacob Young.